Papa’s World – Living life to the plus – one day at a time – blessed that I can!

Another in the series of my year in review blogs – 2020.

Well – where do I start – I have lived another year – in most cases – I wouldn’t be here!

2020 has been a very strange year – but – here I am – living through it!

For those that do not know – seven years ago I had a heart attack!

Not your normal one if there is such a thing –

but they called it a “WIDOW MAKERS” one.

I ended up with FOUR BY PASSES!

and walked out of the hospital 52 hours after surgery!

We have grand children – and I am blessed to see a picture such as this!

So – a year in review of 2020 – it is scary – frustrating – wonderful – satisfying –

nerve wracking – joyful – nail biting – and any other adjective you can throw in there!

But – here we are on another adventure – after selling our house during a pandemic – living our lives one day at a time!

You never know as I can attest – just what the day before you can bring!

Now – we are building a new home near Ocean Isles Beach – N.C.

And being careful – wearing our masks when we are close to people and inside!

I see no sane reason to refuse to do that because it infringes on your liberties!

Come on you folks – who protest this – it is a common being nice sort of thing!

We old folks – well we have been around and wish to continue to be around –

so just wear them – it will not hurt you – and it may save me from covid19!

There – that is my take on the pandemic!

It is indeed a strange year – one of challenges but joy when you see your family!

ZOOM is now a big part of that – staying in touch with virtual meetings –

church and religion – shopping and home delivery!

And the times you spend with friends after quarantine!

We stay safe so we can enjoy friends – getting tested – being careful –

2020 has brought many strange things into our lives –

Who could imagine every day walking the sands and surf of the beach!

2020 – with all its quirks – and I am living to see it!

So – you see – I count my days as blessings – no matter what comes before me.

Yep – happens to me – but who cares!

In this past year – we have become more and more dependent on each other.

We have become closer to family if that is at all possible.

2020 has taught me things –

2020 has in a way – been a comfort for me in that we are once again

on a adventure – every day – planning – looking – exploring!

The sun rises with the one you love!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



It is a blessing for me to be alive – sharing each day – together – one day at a time!



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Papa’s World – Star Wars – Hollywood Studio – Disney – a dream come true!

Outside the entrance to Hollywood studio’s – where we took Ella for her 16th. birthday present.

She opened the envelope at her birthday party in July!

There was a picture of Star Wars and the attraction in Florida at Disney World.

“You will spend one week with grandma and grandpa in Florida!

You will ride down with them at the end of Jan.

and go to Holly Wood studios to see Star Wars

and at the end of the week – for the first time ever

They will put you on a plane and you will FLY back home!

Bode – who his World is Ella – and she is so good to him.

We had done something special for Maddy when she turned 16.

Her wish was to be able to swim with the Manatee’s!

So – in the winter – she and her mom flew down –

and she did just that – and then we all drove back home!

Ella – her little buddy is Bode

He follows her everywhere and she just laughs!

She is so good to him and when she goes to college next year

She wants to become a Phys Ed teacher to the little ones!

She will be excellent – so kind – so much of a good heart.

And a very good soccer player.

We spent the time touring with her also – showing her where my brother lived

and the three town centers of The Villages!

Brownwood of the villages.

We went to see the Manatees and the beach on the West coast

We toured the town where we were staying – and stopped in the coffee shop

to get her a chocolate chip cookie each time – she loved that!

Soon it would be time for her to FLY!

Standing in line as we all watched – her forst time and she handled it like a pro.

Tears welled in my eyes –

my little Ella ( tiny) is what we called her

all grown up and out on her own.

Now – be careful – don’t mix with strange people I worried.

When she was small – she would always come to me – clutch my leg –

climb up into my lap.

I cherish those memories – “IS HE OKAY” she said to her mother

when I had my heart attack.


as I went from vantage point to vantage point watching her in the long line.

Ella and Sherry – a trip she will always remember.

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Papas World – six years and one day ago – 4 by passes.

I remember standing in front of the fire place –

the night before I was to leave –

I had to be there at 7:00 AM.

I looked around and wondered if

I would ever stand here again?

I was scared – I did not want to do this.

Six years later

I had a routine I had to do before I went to bed –

Instructions to prepare for major surgery

I kept looking around – in the mirror at my chest

Knowing in less that 24 hours – it would be changed

for the rest of my life – if I lived.

It is hard to describe how one feels when in 24 hours

You may not be alive.

That next morning I had to finish the instructions

and then the 45 to 60 minute drive to the hospital.

All the way there – I sat in the back seat –

looking in the dark at the lighted buildings we passed.

Tammy and Sherry were in the front.

Things run through your mind – do I back out?

Then a calm comes as you pull into the parking lot.

You are there – you start walking – and then like a second breath

It becomes real and you just want to get started

and not think anymore.

You have the most important person in the World by your side

They prep you and put in the ports

You say goodbye and they wheel you down

but first they inject what they said was a mild calming effect.

They came to the doors and I remember seeing everything seemed

to be black and white – and then nothing – I was out!

I awoke 3 1/2 hours after they finished – they had started at 10 am.

At 2:00 pm.

I was closed up and by 6:30 pm.

I was standing.

I recovered really fast – less than 48 hours later I was discharged

And once again standing in our living room in front of that same fireplace.

This time – smiling and thinking I am alive and here I stand – 62 hours later!

Sherry & Tom
almost six years later

I owe my health to my wife – who has steered me in the right direction

both in what I do and do not eat.

What supplements I do and do not take.






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