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In my autumn years – I channel out the negative press – news – and look for the good in humankind!

Papa – chilling at Brickyard Landing golf course in N.C. – a fifteen-minute drive from our home on the ICW!

We had come to the driving range to hit some golf balls and then have a drink on the veranda overlooking the 18th fairway and green!

HAPPY LIFE living each day one day at a time!

While I have never done this – I have come close and one time my buddy did this and went over to the homeowner and said he was sorry!

That proved to be a good thought and outcome as the owner then accepted his apology!

My go-to when I feel the need to SNACK! Can get more info by contacting

I have been eating these for 16-plus years – sometimes in place of a meal or on the golf course.

I tend to like the TART CHERRY!

My wife Sherry and myself on the ICW with friends last summer – living the retired life in the CAROLINAS!

I live my life to the plus one day at a time – HAPPY THOUGHTS!

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HAPPY LIFE – MEMORIES – GOOD THOUGHTS living life one day at a time PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Two years in a row – ” THE MIGHTY MACAW”

She had no idea – we were told as were her parents –

Taylor – eight years old –

was to be recognized in a assembly Tuesday !

Madison Trust Elementary School –

their school ensigma is THE MACAW !

And – each year

each grade will name students

and present them with a award –

The award is for achievement – helpfulness – kindness – respectful – patience


Foe the second year in a row –

Taylor was called upfront –

and presented the award !

Taylor – on stage in front of the assembly – being presented the MIGHTY MACAW AWARD

She had no idea – and her third grade class has nearly 230 classmates !

Although they are twins –

they are like day and night !

Cassidy is the busy one –

always moving – doing – cartwheels – rollerblading

Taylor – she likes her alone time –

studying – reading – horses – animals.

Bode came to watch

She was so giddy – smiling – and surprised –


Always that smile

Her smile – her warmth – her always helping others.

She loves animals

I will always remember her

as the one who comes for a hug –

But also as the one who disappears –

to find her off somewhere alone –

Reading a book or writing a journal on horses !

Taylor loves riding

She is our little equestrian –

learning not only how to ride –

but care for them !

She writes books and journals –

researching – books from the library.

Her school essays are on horses.

Someday – I see her in competitions !

Always a smile – always horses

Yesterday she was recognized – walking upfront –

smiling – giddy –


good citizenship award –




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