Papa’s World – Feeling good – Helping others – pass it on!

What makes me feel good is either doing a kind act or passing on to another a kindness done for me!

And it does not take a lot – opening a door – waiting for someone to walk by!

My wife and I often clean out our closets and head to goodwill or habitat for humanity.

Giving what we can at church and also on on special occasions.

Smiles – kindness – gratitude- blessings – helping others – our lives!

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Papa’s World – this site – kindness – good thoughts – trying to make a difference.

Make a difference in people’s lives – share gratitude – be an example.

My daily life on social media is to bring smiles – happy thoughts – good deeds – sharing thoughts – being a good person.

The news is filled with sorrow – hate – negative words – death and destruction.

Political discourse – friend against a friend – family against family.

Split down the middle and agitated with a false narrative.

Actions from adults are mirrored by a child – words from adults are heard by children and repeated.

Our actions as adults form the life of a child – repeating endless history through time.

The world needs us as adults to be the eyes of a child.

We form our children – we protect them yet they see our actions and imitate them for the worse not the better.

I try with my blogs and with my social media each and every day to spread love- kindness – happy thoughts –

family – friends – church – smiles – and positivity toward the human race in general.

In the sunset of my life – seeing the good – and giving what we can.

This is PAPA’S WORLD and WELCOME – thanks for reading!