Papa’s World – Thoughts and pictures of life.

Our life in thoughts and pictures – life is full of surprises!

Our daughter and her two youngest daughters came for a surprise visit!

Saint Patrick’s parade in North Myrtle Beach – fun day with parade – vendors – three stages and six bands!

One of our favorite pastimes – golfing with lifelong friends!

A wise saying but also very truthful!

Papa watched our granddaughter Ella trying to solve the maze on the beach. Did not solve it!

Our go-to system for growing our own veggies with no dirt or pesticides! Year around where we live!

We BOTH KNOW a friend like this! LOL

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Papa’s World – Wonderful thoughts – memories!

I always thought this – now in retirement – I still think any day of golf is better than – well you choose it! LOL

The Tower Garden – the smaller unit can be used indoors with grow lights – the outdoor unit is larger – producing with just water – light and nutrients and air!

Our Tower Garden is covered up for freezing temps – looks like something from Star Wars! LOL

Sherry and Dottie – best friends for over 40 years – living life to the plus one day at a time!

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Papa’s World – Random pictures – thoughts and memories.

Christmas decorations for 2022 in our home in Cameron Woods Community – OIB, N.C. Our second Christmas here in our new home!

I do not run because I thud – thud – jarring my whole body – so I walk – almost every day 2 to 3 miles – and strive for 10,000 steps.

The closest beach to our home is four miles and is Ocean Isle Beach – with a pier and this entrance is the Community Center!

At Crooked Hammock in Barefoot Landing, S.C with family when they visited after Christmas but before New Year’s Eve!

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Long ago Pier picture of OIB – RANDOM PICTURES – THOUGHTS – and PICTURES – MY BLOG!

Papa’s World – Just some random pictures and thoughts!

Loving life here in the south measuring sunshine and clear skies – golfing in the winter!

The marshes of Sunset beach – in my mind never get old – the ability to see this every day – living life to the plus.

No cares – no worries – just nights at home with my soulmate! Dreams come true.

Cotton candy sky – the ever-changing days and nights – yet no snow or ice – our lifestyle –

Life with humor and smiles in my thought is priceless.

Just a short random picture and thoughts and smiles in today’s blog in PAPA’S WORLD!


Papa’s World – Bring some humor to start your day!

I guess the older you get – your thoughts just become words with no filters! LOL

When I was little – being bad – for Christmas I got a lump of coal and a pig’s tail! LOL

HHHHHMMMMMM! This may not be far from the truth – ELON MUSK!!!


I hope this starts your day with smiles – laughs and giggles!

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PAPA’S WORLD – Bring some humor to start your day!!!!!

Papa’s World – Smiles – Laughs – funny things!

To start your day with a smile – a positive look ahead to the day – enjoy some funny cartoons and sayings!

For our friends back home in NPA and WNY – I know you like the white stuff – me I like the sand and surf!

A little play on words – LOL have a great day!

I hope this makes you smile and starts your day off – thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Being positive and bringing humor into your daily life!

Start your day on the funny side of life!

Every day when I post on my Facebook page – I find humor and share it –

hoping to bring a smile to those who I consider family and friends.

Positive thoughts – smiles – humanity – good vibes – bring it all!

I also bring GOOD THOUGHTS each day – no negative vibes – feelings of kindness and giving.

Our life is a short one in the big picture of our planet – make the most of it!

Plant those seeds for future generations!

I hope this brings a smile – good thoughts in a world full of negative happenings!

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PAPA’S WORLD – love – peace, and happiness.