Papa’s World – SIXTEEN PLUS YEARS to healthy aging!

We choose after our reaching senior status – to do everything we could possibly do to age as healthy as we could manage to do.

We started watching what we ate – cutting out fast food – soda – milk ( for me) – reducing dairy – and drinking.

We had already years before quit smoking!

Now we started to walk – run every day – for me that was walking – I run really hard – thudding my steps and jarring my whole body!

Vegetables – fruit and some protein – reduce red meat considerably.

Eating grilled fish or baked chicken – drinking a lot of water every day!

We found though for us it was really hard to get the recommended servings each day of fruits and vegetables.

Sherry found a supplement of whole food in a capsule – all the nutrients retained for consumption and immediately go into the bloodstream!

Over 30 different fruits- vegetables and berries in six capsules each day!

And now – for sixteen years – I have not missed a day!

This is what I have taken for 16 years! I will be 74 years old on my next birthday as will Sherry!

We feel as though we have found our answer to aging healthy!

Several years ago we added a fourth bottle to our daily consumption – OMEGAS – not from fish oil – but ALGAE – from the JP company farm! NO MERCURY!

I also will have a nutritious bar – all good “STUFF” to have with the COMPLETE SHAKE I also have!

I prefer the DUTCH CHOCOLATE – with crushed ice – a cup of water and a cup of Almond or Soy milk!

Sometimes a teaspoon of peanut butter or half a banana!

It tastes like a WENDY’S FROSTY!

And to satisfy my sweet tooth – we buy the GUMMIES – in vegetables – fruits, and berries –

they do the sweet tooth thing for me and are all nutrient-based fruits – veggies, and berries!

Great for kids and those who have a tough time swallowing the capsules!

Thank you for reading and if interested you can contact Sherry – she is and has been a partner in Juice Plus for 16 years!

Her email is the following – or my email: