Papa’s World – my life – memories – for my family.

All my life I have chosen to listen – to observe –

and take it all in – trying to see all sides.

My sister was a master at this!

My older brother often would listen

then in a very thoughtful way – comment.

I have tried to emulate both.

My mother Mary

Small in stature she was – but ruled with a iron will!

She was almost 98 years old when she passed away.

She had outlived her husband and second husband –

One of my brothers and my sister and brother in law

whom both lived right next door and took care of her.

She was a excellent cook as was my dad.

She was known for her baking bread – rolls and pies

all over town.

Often sending them to the doctor or other people in town.

My father every Friday night – we were Catholic –

No meat – would fry at the table on a electric grill –

Salmon patties – pan cakes and his favorite –

oyster soup! ( NOT MINE)

My father was a hunter – fisherman – sportsman.

He also graduated from High School in his Sophomore year

But My grandfather – who taught school for over 50 years

made him take his junior and senior years over again.

Saying he was too young to continue on!

They instilled in me what you read here.

I was like a second family to come along.

My sister was 15 years older and my brother 10 years old

when I was born.

Then along came my younger brother some 4 1/2 years later.

My dad passed at age 59.

But what I remember was that she was quiet – smiling –

but he always listened to her

and I most certainly did also.

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Papa’s World- heart felt thanks – over 700 views!

Where do I begin –

first – my blog yesterday on –

“Stand by me ”

“ELDRED ” drew over 700 views !

That is amazing from a little town with just 800 population !


I grew up in this little town –

at Halloween time – almost every house –

I knew who they were and their names !

I helped my child hood friend –

Brent Wood – deliver papers –

That was when he bought his go cart and we would ride around town !


I was truly amazed yesterday –

I would check in every once in a while –

And I realized right away –


The last I counted –

it had been shared 15 times !


Back when I was growing up –

this was the sentiment of growing up here

At least that was my impression .

All us kids –

from each end of town and all the streets in between –

It was a real friendship –

heading for the park to play TACKLE FOOTBALL –

Choosing up sides –

Then – the creek by the park –

with all those trails into the woods toward Park Avenue –

When I was young –

I did not go far into the woods –

Instead – just playing in the water with one eye

always on those ferns and trees !

And I guess –

that the feeling still exists today judging by the response –

From people who left years ago –

yet still consider this home.

I am grateful –


I have many more memories and I shall attempt to put them into a blog.

I always wanted to write a book –

My wife Sherry suggested I go back to blogging –


That way –

we could save them all in one place –

have a history so to speak –

A place where future generations can go and read and see pictures.

North Shore – OAHU

Thank you for your support –

Thank you for your comments –

THANK YOU – ALL 700 PLUS – you made my day !

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