Papa’s World – we had AIRLINE vouchers to use – flying back home to NVA – parents gone – watching grandkids

CASSIDY BODE TAYLOR 3 little grandkids!

Before the Pandemic hit – we were flying to Phoenix for a health conference – then it was canceled –

So we have had all this money tied up in two vouchers!

Fast forward – “Why not use part of them for flying back to NVA – instead of driving – to watch over the kids!”

Their parents had a out of state ( Vermont) family wedding – no children – adults only – and we said yes –

we would come up for the long weekend – and stay with them and the new puppy – MARLEY!


We had to arrive early at North Myrtle Beach International airport – and there in was a problem.

The week before we had taken our drivers test ( stressed out for two months) for N.C.

Hint for drivers test – study all the signs and know what they are for even if they are blank!

There are special shapes!

And we passed – new drivers license ( paper form) and real ID to come in the mail.

We put our VA. license away ( mistake number one) and our new paper ID in our wallets.

(mistake number two) Keep both of them until in the mail you get the hard real ID!

Even though we had TSA clearence – we had to go thru as if we were fakes and maybe

causing a problem – which meant everything had to be searched( I had no problem with this)

and mistake number three ( take your passports when flying)!

All of that could of been avoided – it was our own fault – but we made it only to worry ( STRESS)

the return from NVA through a much bigger ( DULLES) and more stringent examination due to the fact

that the agent was training a new agent! ( NO PROBLEM WITH THAT!)

And yes it was stressful but we made it!

It all worked out and now I can laugh at it!

Just a senior moment – we knew better but hey – we are old and sometimes not as organized as we used to be!

But – we arrived – our daughter picked us up and we were on our way to their house – the grandkids and MARLEY!

MARLEY and CASSIDY – the new puppy and one of the twin girls – fraternal twins!

This was the beginning of a six day stay – two days with the parents – leaving and coming back –

and four days with grandkids and the puppy – a GOLDENDOODLE – who is going to be very large!

But – in our senior wisdom – we had plans to keep them busy and with these three –

it is when you get done “PAPA – when are we going to do the next thing”?

They are busy all the time except when on IPAD’S or BODE asking for my phone!

Then it is complete silence – except MARLEY who as a puppy gets into everything!

All has to be put up out of reach but she is really good – goes to the door when she wants out –

and plays run and hide and stay out of reach when you try to catch her to bring her in –

towel off her extra big feet – I found holding dog food and saying treat she would come! LOL

Taylor – who is on her way to being six feet tall – 11 years old – Bode – who never stays still except on my phone – Marley who is only six months old and is going to be huge – and Cassidy – who although shorter – is right on spot being a 11 year old!

Taylor is the quiet one of the three – always doing what told – and is the one who tkaes full care of Marley.

She is a sweetheart – sometimes you do not even know she is around!

BODE is in motion all the time – all boy and in the dead of winter – no socks and no shoes and outside!

Soccer – riding bike – golfing with his father – smart and outgoing – but can be a handful!

Cassidy – sweet – does crafts all the time – loves her MORMOR( Sherry) and calls and zooms all the time.

She takes after Sherry and is by her side all the time.

It broke my heart when it was time to leave – she came out for the third time to say goodbye –

hugs and asking when we will see her again –

then as we are pulling out to go to the airport – inside the garage standing on the step –

peeking out to us so she could see us leave – so lonely – and not wanting us to leave!

She misses us more than the other two!


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Next blog will be contiued on our visit and the grandkids – WHEW – keeping them busy is a fulltime job!

Papa’s World – where we live

We moved to NVA in 1999 – June to be exact – transferring within the company –

both of us – taking our years – pension- 401 K – vacations and knowledge –

after 32 years for me and 20 plus years for Sherry.


We bought two houses –

moved twice – in 6 1/2 years in Fairfax Va.

Then – we found our home – in Brambleton Va. almost thirteen years ago.

Our new library in the town center

We moved into our home – in August – 2006 –

and have watched our little community grow and grow.

They actually built a new town called Brambleton –

and now are finishing the THIRD High School set to open in September!

Main street – Brambleton Va.

Watching all of this – being a part of it – is amazing !

We are a community that sits in the middle of the country –

once you arrive home –

you do not have to go back out into the crazy traffic of NVA.

And in two years or less – the METRO – Silver line – will be 3 1/2 miles away !

The construction of SEVEN more stops is 80 % done –

and will open a brand new line here !

We can hop on – go into D.C. or right to the airports –

everything will be connected !

View of half of Brambleton Town center

New four story town homes just completed –

and recently we have been walking the new trails around a huge lake – man made –

Of the new –

OVER 55 community being built just a half mile from our house.

That community is going to have it’s own retail center along with it’s own HOA !


The new four story library just opened a few months ago –

with a huge teen section where you see the windows on the second floor!


Yesterday – it was announced that what is known as HANSON FARM –

Has been turned over to the county –

and next month – development will start on a 257 ACRE preserve !

Soccer fields ( grass)10 of them – 2 pro turf fields –

4 ball diamonds – 1 cricket field – multiple tennis and basketball courts.

FIVE LAKES – pavilion’s -picnic areas and tables and grills.

A park lodge – rest rooms – and the list goes on –

all to be completed in two years.

The farm house and outbuildings will be preserved as a historic site.

Tom and Sherry

This is but a glimpse of where we choose to live 13 years ago.

In the end of the development –

there will be an additional 5 to 10 miles of trails to the already 15 miles we have now.

We were very fortunate – we love our home –

(not the cold Winter )

Our roots are now here for the time being.

I hope this provides a look into the Country living in NVA!

Just another day in my life !


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