Papa’s World – Star Wars – Hollywood Studio – Disney – a dream come true!

Outside the entrance to Hollywood studio’s – where we took Ella for her 16th. birthday present.

She opened the envelope at her birthday party in July!

There was a picture of Star Wars and the attraction in Florida at Disney World.

“You will spend one week with grandma and grandpa in Florida!

You will ride down with them at the end of Jan.

and go to Holly Wood studios to see Star Wars

and at the end of the week – for the first time ever

They will put you on a plane and you will FLY back home!

Bode – who his World is Ella – and she is so good to him.

We had done something special for Maddy when she turned 16.

Her wish was to be able to swim with the Manatee’s!

So – in the winter – she and her mom flew down –

and she did just that – and then we all drove back home!

Ella – her little buddy is Bode

He follows her everywhere and she just laughs!

She is so good to him and when she goes to college next year

She wants to become a Phys Ed teacher to the little ones!

She will be excellent – so kind – so much of a good heart.

And a very good soccer player.

We spent the time touring with her also – showing her where my brother lived

and the three town centers of The Villages!

Brownwood of the villages.

We went to see the Manatees and the beach on the West coast

We toured the town where we were staying – and stopped in the coffee shop

to get her a chocolate chip cookie each time – she loved that!

Soon it would be time for her to FLY!

Standing in line as we all watched – her forst time and she handled it like a pro.

Tears welled in my eyes –

my little Ella ( tiny) is what we called her

all grown up and out on her own.

Now – be careful – don’t mix with strange people I worried.

When she was small – she would always come to me – clutch my leg –

climb up into my lap.

I cherish those memories – “IS HE OKAY” she said to her mother

when I had my heart attack.


as I went from vantage point to vantage point watching her in the long line.

Ella and Sherry – a trip she will always remember.

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Papas World -closing out a great week-real produce!

This past week – we had a guest – Sherry’s Sister!

So – we decided on her last full day –

we would take her to the giant Flea Market

And we would pick up fresh produce

before we went onto Boardwalk –

The Disney resorts

and finally Disney Springs!

Everything is FRESH!

We were here a couple weeks ago with Ella!

And we had stocked up-but were running low!

The prices are really good!

You have a multiple pick of different vendors

but prices are all the same!

We picked and selected from a half dozen vendors

according to what we liked –

but really – they were pretty much the same!

You can see some of the prices!

I think we spent $16.50 for a whole big bag full –

Radish – tomato- blackberries-strawberries – apples – etc.

We walked among the other vendors on our way out –

This is all from Florida

After we were done – we headed to the Disney Resorts

and stopped at Boardwalk – where we took the new Skyliner

to different resorts – all for free including the parking!

Cheers from Edison
at Disney Springs

We then made our way to Disney Springs

after seeing SEVEN different resorts

by riding the Skyliner – walking and a boat ride

and it cost us nothing!

What a way to see all that!

I got almost 17000 steps on my fit bit!

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Debbie Sherry Tom


Papas World – spending a week with grand daughter!

When our oldest grand daughter turned 16 –

her one birthday wish was to swim with the Manatee’s!

Since we were going to be in Florida

We made that wish come true!

Now – the second oldest last summer turned 16.

And her one wish was to see STAR WARS!

Ella our grand daughter
who is a big

So – we again were going to be in Florida

So we took her with us for a week!

In a State far – far away – the adventure begins!

Sherry and Ella
in a Star Wars store
at Hollywood Studios

Our trip was eventful – we spent a Monday – early to after closing

in the Hollywood Studios of Star Wars –

Riding almost all the rides – and seeing almost all the shows!


Ella and Sherry
Ella and Sherry
about to ride the twirling saucers

It was a very long day – but so worth it

You can see it in her eyes and smile!

Then on Tuesday – Sunday we had done a giant Flea Market

We took her to our old stomping grounds

The Villages – where with my brother we spent three winters

before he passed away.

At Brownwood
in the villages

We toured all three town centers

showing her everything we could

Ending up in Sumter Landing
and listening to the live band and music

Watching all the old people like us

dance the night away!

I told Sherry I really miss it down here!

Ella and Sherry
At Big Bend Power Park

On Wednesday – we took her to Big Bend Power Plant Park

To see the hundreds of Manatee’s

and then on to Clear Water beach and Sand Key Park to see the gulf waters

It was too cold to go into the water – although people were in the water

But she got to walk the white sand beaches

and see the Gulf!

Sherry and Ella
seeing the sting rays
at Big Bend park

Thursday was a down day – pick up groceries

and she watched the first two Indiana Jones movies

as she had never seen them

and after being at the stunt show

we decided to see them on Netflex!

Friday and Saturday – we spent both days until dark

exploring 7 or 8 Disney resorts!

Animal Kingdom lodge
Polynesian Resort
The Dolphin Resort
The Grand Floridian
The finding Nemo resort
Sherry and Ella
on the new Sky liner
at Disney resorts

We parked for free – and rode the Mono Rail to four different stops

And the second day we went to Board Walk resort

next to Epcot

And rode the new SKY LINER

to Four more resorts!

We parked for free – and neither the boats

the Monorail or the Sky liner

cost anything!

Sherry Tom Ella

We spent all Saturday after noon at Disney Springs –

Again – no cost!

Ella and Sherry
at Disney Springs

They had so much fun together – making memories.

with Sherry and Ella

I hope you like what you see here

and thank you for reading Papa’s World

Ella and Sherry

And Oh by the way – Ella loves to shop

And that fit right into Sherry’s purpose of life! LOL


thank you

Sadly – we say goodbye as she flies back home.

By the way – her return fight ticket – her one suitcase

cost more to check in

than the ticket for her!