Papa’s World – year in review – besties – and being blessed!

For years since we came South – we try at least get together every four to six months!

We all lived close to one another back in NWPA and WNY!

Cindy Jim Buck Dottie Sherry Papa

We now all play golf together after a couple years ago Dottie decided to try it out.

Walking the beach at North Myrtle Beach on our last get together.

Now we also play cards – sip a beer – and listen to and sing to music!

We have always had a great time – we travel – explore new places

We play gals vs guys in golf and the gals are good!

This last time we won by I think 2 strokes!

Cindy Dottie Sherry

Bestie’s – good friends –

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Best friends!

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Papas World – a little bit of this and that!

Healthy eating – healthy living – healthy lives –

That is what we try to do each and every day!

NOT EASY by a long stretch!

But then neither is life.

You can only try once – and try to make it count!

Just kidding but found it amusing!

Giving and taking –

talking and listening –

another life’s relationships

Sometimes it works

sometimes it doesn’t

But it is well worth the effort!

Yes we do – and little ones as well!

We all come in different shapes and sizes –

Different levels of tone –

some we can tune out

others we tune into

But – what is incredible is understanding

all we have to do is listen – listen – listen

instead we do not hear

and when it becomes silence

then we wish that once again we hear them.

Our loved ones are always in our memories – even their voices.

Life has changed ever so much during my years here.

From plastic records – to radio –

8 track and cassettes

To disks

Now wireless and tic tok

rver changing – going forward

And the beat goes on –

The music plays in your minds

We all march to its beat in different ways.

Life is full of music and I love it!

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Well we discovered – two blocks away –

A theater that opened in 1925!

And – still had shows during the week!

Welcome to the ” RITZ”

in Winter Haven Florida!

Ritz Theater
Winter Haven Florida

We knew her sister Debbie was flying in to spend the week

So – we booked tickets

for a John Denver Tribute

put on by Tom Becker

Former member of the folk group

The New Christy Minstrels!

And the price $10.00 each

They were sold out for two performances!

Growing up I was classic Rock
But the Eagles changed all of that

We did not know what to expect

but it was all set up like dinner table’s

and we were table # 48!

There were more tables

so I think 3 to 4 hundred people!

I was impressed
in the elegance
and in the performers

We had great seats – toward the back – but up-

we could see over everyone

they sold drinks – beer and snacks

Black table cloths

and the theater was freshly painted

or very well maintained!

Sherry and Debbie
going up to the entrance

The performance was very good –

He sounded exactly like John Denver

and even played a couple songs he wrote and recorded

along with a song form the New Christy Minstrels!

The decor was really nice
and this was our view
it filled up
and no seats were left!

Thank God I’m A Country Boy!

And the list goes on and on!

You just do not realize

the number of songs John Denver wrote and sang

And we knew every one of them!

Plus -his very first hit song –

The fifth song he ever wrote

went to number one – but not by him!

” I’ll be back babe” was the first title

only he wrote it for

PETER – PAUL & MARY and retitledto


Their only number one hit!

Debbie – Sherry’s sister
who flew in to stay for a week

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

and our little music trip

down memory lane

What John Denver
was all about
plus the environment!

Welcome to Papa’s World