Papa’s World – after 10 plus years – final book club –

Community Lutheran Church Sterling Va.

It has been a pleasure for her to lead –

For over ten years! Some 220 plus books!

Sherry has lead the book club all these years –

A lot of members have come and gone.

For one last time in person –

because of the pandemic – they met –

social distancing and outside –

to discuss the previous months book –

Little fires everywhere!

The members were spread out –

this is the last time she will lead in person.

After six months of ZOOM meetings

She contacted everyone to see if they were willing to meet this way!

Sixteen members showed up for the final book review.

Sherry has decided to continue as long as it is done on ZOOM.

Asking that if anyone would like to take it over

or know someone who would

she would step aside.

Many previous members have left the church and moved away

others have passed away – in her last years –

Sherry’s mother – Barb while she stayed with us

would come every month and read every book –

commenting when it came her turn.

Most of the time I am the only male present!

I must say – there are books I have read –

that most likely I would not of!

And I found some authors that I would search out their books.

We even read a nationally acclaimed book on the best seller list

and the author was a member of our church!

She attended the book review we did –

and she signed our book!

She has since moved to LA and is in the process of working

on the script for the movie!

The book club has been a way to connect with so many people!

Now – I sometimes take a break –

simply because I have my own books to read!

As we move on –

the ZOOM club will permit us to keep in touch

this part of our lives – the church and people

we shall always cherish.

And with the blogs on the church

in the years to come – we can look back and remember

bring memories to life!

Sherry leading book club one last time in person after 10 plus years!

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Papa’s World – service outside after six months

It has been a long six months –

our last service within the church proper

was in the middle of March.

The Pandemic – who would of known!

Pastor Annabele and the tech crew with the music director Jennifer

We have had the regular service every Sunday

by virtual feed.

Reduced from two services to one.

Community Lutheran Church Sterling Va.

We have been attending for over 15 years.

We found our home after searching for six plus years.

After transfering to NVA from WNY

We finally found what we had left behind.

We tried numerous churches

Being directed into spaces for social distancing

We became involved – watching the community grow

Now – we have but one outside service left to attend

and – we shall depart once again

where we will seek out another church

The parking lot – cars on the outside
The pastor and set up in the middle being filmed
All around – on the grass – on the hill – people attending
The trees providing shade with blue skies overhead.
People attending – estimated 70 to 90 with 108 on line

Six months is a long time for a pastor not having any contact in person

Six months and so many changes taking place

People moving out – leaving as we are doing

Six months of changing lives.

Never to see them again.

Our little family group – Marcus father and mother – Sherry – Tammy and the little ones

It will be sad when we leave

For pastor told us that the last service we are here

She and the congregation will be saying their goodbyes to us

Emotions for both Sherry and myself will be high

We can not hug – shake hands – only stand there with masks on

and once again leave – on our next journey.

The church and bible have taught us this

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One more service outside – then saying goodbye – going to be a emotional day


Papa’s World – Lutheran’s can Jazz it up !

Sunday – we had a surprise – we knew our little grand kids were going to sing –

but we didn’t know it would be with a drum and brass – guitars and the entire adult choir !

Music is essential in my opinion

We had searched for 7 years after we moved South –

for a church –

And we found one in Community Lutheran Church of Sterling Va.

Music has become a very big part of our two services each Sunday.

Our three little grand children have become a part of that music –

Even four year old Bode who can not read –

will memorize the words!

Community Lutheran Church of Sterling

Our choir director Jennifer Quoines –

leads all aspects of the music department .

Under her direction – we have been blessed each and every Sunday –

And these are just normal every day folks –

who she has managed to get to sing in English –

Russian and other languages !

We are a congregation that welcomes many to come through our doors –

COMMUNITY is the place of worship for the community –

And a place of comfort – safety –

Many out side groups use our space –

When we found Community – we found HOME –

When our grand kids were born – they also found a home.

So – on Sunday – we sat and listened – not once but twice – for both services

It was that inspiring – and the kids also sang for both services –

I hope you enjoy the video and song as much as we did –

It is a little long but oh so well done.

Today I share our HOME away from home –

Just another day in my life – “PAPA’S WORLD “

Papa’s World – The Lutheran Way – Going to miss him.

The letter came in the mail – ” I AM RETIRING ” !

Pastor JOE

For 12 years – we have called him “PASTOR JOE ”

and with much sadness

We are saying goodbye September 29th. 2019.

We have belonged to our church I guess 13 or 14 years –

and he has been there for the better part of that.

Pastor Joe and Pastor Annabelle

Then – around seven years ago –

Pastor Annabelle –

joined him as our associate pastor –

” One of our own ” as the Bishop said yesterday.

Having been raised in our Synod –

and ordained –

Becoming our co – pastor after her call to Community Lutheran Church.

From TWO to ONE

It was a sad day yesterday –

for we had our Bishop –

who also is retiring at the end of August –

Doing the service and afterword –

A open question and answer

with the Pastors and the Bishop

And knowing in a few short months –

we shall not see Debra ( wife ) – and Joe again.

For in our Lutheran church –

they must leave and have no contact for years.

Joe and Debra
Along with Joe is Debra
a staple and a enduring influence
on the church
as a whole !
Joe and Debra
on one of our trips
into DC to see a play.
Debra has many roles in the church,
which will take a church full of people
to replace her.
Debra and Sherry
at the Washington National Cathedral.
Sherry for one is really going to miss her at book club.
But plans on keeping her informed through email
on what books we are reading and hoping she can once again
supply her insight and critique of that which we read through email !!
He shall always remain in spirit

Debra and Joe brought this every day-
they both will be missed – but we must forge ahead
as Gods work does not rest
and once again – with Pastor Annabelle
we will unite and make Community
the place of comfort for those seeking.

With sadness comes hope – for you see – in the Lutheran Church –

The next Pastor will be called by our membership –

After extensive vetting.

As was Pastor Joe and Pastor Annabelle.

Pastor Annabelle

One goes and one remains –

Pastor Annabelle has become endeared to us all.

Her smile – her compassion – her voice rings clear in service.

For years and years – every Thursday or Friday – she sits in the coffee shop –

Offering free prayers and consultations to any and all – with open arms.

She truly is one of a kind.

For a time – we will count down the time and say our goodbyes –

Our memories – laughter at book club with Debra –

Her wit – her insight – her presence will be missed greatly.

Pastor Joe – his drive forward – his open arms –

his eyes taking in all new people in the pews and extending a welcome.

Their leadership

Their leadership – their compassion –

has led Community Lutheran to this point –

A welcoming to all –

Pastor Annabelle

We – the congregation – are the winners here –

To know both Pastor Joe and Debra –

To have them in our lives all these years –

Has been a blessing –

And to Have Pastor Annabelle and Jeff – her husband – to move forward –

We have had the best of two Worlds.

Already from what she said on Sunday – moving ahead –

Moving the congregation toward that common goal they both established.

The doctrine of the Church – the Open arms –

Community , as the word says – involving all –

Young Clergy Woman moving us forward –

We shall always remember – as when we first came and Pastor Paul retired.

We moved on and new beginning took shape –

And in a few months –

it shall happen once again.

Welcome Pastor Annabelle & Jeff – Farewell Pastor Joe and Debra

Pastor Annabelle & Pastor Joe

” LEAVING ON A JET PLANE ” as the song goes –

Saying fare thee well –


Saying welcome to Community Lutheran – FREE PRAYERS AVAILABLE !

They both are moving forward – each in their own direction –

But with in the Spirit of the Lord –

each with COURAGE AND HOPE –

Fare thee well and Hello and welcome



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