Papa’s World – A new church for us and the stacked stone installed in the new house!

Our life has moved on – left behind memories of our former church – just as we did 22 years ago.

Each one holds a special place in our hearts – the first where we were married –

the second where we found a home and friends.

And now the journey begins – another one near our new home.

The stain glassed window – the same as in our last church – a reminder of friends and services – memories!

Right now – this is our future choice – Saint Lukes Lutheran Church

in Ocean Isle Beach right on route 17.

We have to call to be put on the list each Sunday – because of covid restrictions.

But – we were welcomed and social distancing practiced.

Time will tell if we have found a new place to worship –

one that is but 4 plus miles from our new house being built,

Our first time inside the roof and walls of a place of worship in over 13 months.

We left the service and drove to the new house build –

The windows and doors are all installed – the roof is done and almost all the siding and outside trim is done.

Driving up – the beautiful stacked stone is all done!

Our first view of the siding and the stacked stone and the outside trim.
A closer look – the front porch and the garage – the front door and the front bedroom.
This will be my place to sit – the covered front porch – I had told Sherry when selecting which house to build – I must have what we had back in NVA – for I loved sitting on the front porch in the rain or just talking to people walking past!

I have always loved front porches – we had a large one as I was growing up –

I would spend hours on it watching the cars go by with my mother –

Talking to people as they walked by – everyone knew “MARY”

and would call out to her or honk their horns –

I am most like her in tat way!

The two car garage – which will have pull down stairs and storage overhead!

Our thoughts on this – have shelves with towels as the outside water bib is just to the left of the corner.

That way – when coming back from the beach – a place to wash off the sand!

Second thoughts we have discussed – putting a enclosed white vinyl fence with a gate –

And a tank less water heater – for a place to shower – as a third shower for the house if we have lots of company!

I have seen them all over down here – really nice with a place to sit and a place to hang clothes and towels!

On our wish list along with taking the screens out of the enclosed covered patio and glass it in with sliding windows!

It has been a adventure these past six plus months.

Building a new home – and moving South!

But – the electric is done as is the plumbing – they are starting the insulation and then the dry wall.

We are excited – and ready to move in and begin out next phase of our new chapter.

Going to miss our view – but we will have pictures and memories!


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Papa’s World – Easter sunrise service on the beach – cold – but worth it!

It was rather cold – 46 degrees – but thank goodness no wind!

We went in the dark – at 6:15 AM. and was surprised at all the cars and activity.

This was but one of several services up and down the beach.

ELCA – which we are a member of – along with the Episcopal church –

Came together to have this service.

I would guess by the start – some 4 to 5 hundred souls gathered on the beach-

many standing – others brought their own chairs

At last – in more than a year – we attended a live service.

Glory to God in the highest – and peace to his people on earth.

All our married lives – we have attended church – me – I converted from Catholic to Lutheran

which was how Sherry was raised.

I serve a risen Savior , He’s in the world today – I know that He is living , whatever others say ; I see his hand of mercy , I hear his voice of cheer, And just the time I need Him He’s always near.
They came and came – down the ramp or steps – or from up the beach and down the beach – walking- walking – walking – silently – some hand in hand – others close by – Easter Sunrise Service.
Give thanks to the LORD , for he is good; “His mercy endures for ever.”

They were mostly silent – a few murmurs here and there – ushers directing people – passing out communion cups and wafers – a few announcements – still cold – but at least there was no wind. The sound of the surf – the seagulls – the stillness of the early morning hour – the sand cold – bundled up – ear muffs and scarf – waiting – waiting – waiting.

Our Father , who art in heaven , hallowed be thy name , thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

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Papa’s World – service outside after six months

It has been a long six months –

our last service within the church proper

was in the middle of March.

The Pandemic – who would of known!

Pastor Annabele and the tech crew with the music director Jennifer

We have had the regular service every Sunday

by virtual feed.

Reduced from two services to one.

Community Lutheran Church Sterling Va.

We have been attending for over 15 years.

We found our home after searching for six plus years.

After transfering to NVA from WNY

We finally found what we had left behind.

We tried numerous churches

Being directed into spaces for social distancing

We became involved – watching the community grow

Now – we have but one outside service left to attend

and – we shall depart once again

where we will seek out another church

The parking lot – cars on the outside
The pastor and set up in the middle being filmed
All around – on the grass – on the hill – people attending
The trees providing shade with blue skies overhead.
People attending – estimated 70 to 90 with 108 on line

Six months is a long time for a pastor not having any contact in person

Six months and so many changes taking place

People moving out – leaving as we are doing

Six months of changing lives.

Never to see them again.

Our little family group – Marcus father and mother – Sherry – Tammy and the little ones

It will be sad when we leave

For pastor told us that the last service we are here

She and the congregation will be saying their goodbyes to us

Emotions for both Sherry and myself will be high

We can not hug – shake hands – only stand there with masks on

and once again leave – on our next journey.

The church and bible have taught us this

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One more service outside – then saying goodbye – going to be a emotional day


Papa’s World – Last Sunday – Church Goodbyes!

Community Lutheran Church – Sterling Va.

It is never easy saying goodbye!

For 15 years we have called this our home church.

After we moved to NVA in 1999 –

it took us over six years to find a place of worship

A place to be happy with and in.

So it came to be – on Sunday – at the end of the service outdoors

in the center of the main parking lot

Pastor Annabel called us forward

to stand befroe the congregation

receive a blessing and say goodbye.

Sherry and Papa and Pastor Annabel

I have never been good at these type of things

First because I did not know what to say

and second – even if I did – I couldn’t

I am emotional –

I write much better than I talk.

Playing of the trumpets
The altar and music in the center
Finally at last – a real service – be it outdoors

For one last time – we gathered as a family and in-laws

to be at our last service before we head South.

Taylor and Cassidy – they will miss us – taking them to choir
Bode our little granson
Cassidy next to her MorMor ( mothers mother)

We will be back for Christmas if they are having services!

We will search for a church in whatever our new location shall be.

The little ones

Saying goodbye is never easy

saying hello is much easier

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

For the time being until we find our next church


Community Lutheran Church – Sterling Va.

Go in peace – thanks be to God.