Papa’s World – Lutheran’s can Jazz it up !

Sunday – we had a surprise – we knew our little grand kids were going to sing –

but we didn’t know it would be with a drum and brass – guitars and the entire adult choir !

Music is essential in my opinion

We had searched for 7 years after we moved South –

for a church –

And we found one in Community Lutheran Church of Sterling Va.

Music has become a very big part of our two services each Sunday.

Our three little grand children have become a part of that music –

Even four year old Bode who can not read –

will memorize the words!

Community Lutheran Church of Sterling

Our choir director Jennifer Quoines –

leads all aspects of the music department .

Under her direction – we have been blessed each and every Sunday –

And these are just normal every day folks –

who she has managed to get to sing in English –

Russian and other languages !

We are a congregation that welcomes many to come through our doors –

COMMUNITY is the place of worship for the community –

And a place of comfort – safety –

Many out side groups use our space –

When we found Community – we found HOME –

When our grand kids were born – they also found a home.

So – on Sunday – we sat and listened – not once but twice – for both services

It was that inspiring – and the kids also sang for both services –

I hope you enjoy the video and song as much as we did –

It is a little long but oh so well done.

Today I share our HOME away from home –

Just another day in my life – “PAPA’S WORLD “

Papas World – singing before the White House Christmas Tree!

Madison Trust 4th. grade Chorus

We traveled into DC to watch our twin grand daughters

sing in a fourth grade chorus of 110 classmates!

Papa – Bode & MorMor

But first we had to get there – so we took Bode on the Metro!

Five year old grandson

And you can see the excitement in his eyes!

Riding the train!

Coming up
at the Regan Center

We arrived around 3:00 pm. The girls were to sing at 5:00 pm.

So – we walked to

the Elephant & Castle to have lunch!

MorMor ( Sherry) & Bode

We were going to meet Tammy and Marcus

and we killed some time before going back outside

in the wind and cold –

18 degrees wind chill!

Marcus Bode Tammy
We met up
but the gates were closed
because somewhere there
was a incident
we never learned what it was!

So – we walked up the street to Old Ebbit Grill

And they had some wine

and got warmed up!

Tammy and Bode
at Old Ebbits Grill

When we walked back down the street

we found all 110 kids standing outside the gate

they still were not allowed in!

We found Taylor
and of course as always
a big smile!
And then we found Cassidy
so darned cute in her
purple hat and scarf!

Soon – the secret service and the park police arrived

and opened up all the gates –

Then it was onto the Christmas Tree stage

The stage with
the White house
Christmas tree behind it!

It was really cold and the wind was blowing

All the kids were ushered into a big tent

where they grouped up – got warm

and waited to come out!

The director of the choir
and Cassidy in Purple
climbing up to her spot
on the top row

Cassidy ended up on the top row – and you could see her rising

up and down on her tiptoes to be seen! LOL

Taylor ended up in the front row

Then they began to sing – and I was very impressed!

The Madison Trust fourth grade chorus

They sang five songs – and they were really good –

All are classmates of the fourth grade in the school they attend.

The White House Christmas Tree
The WHITE HOUSE in the background
Each small tree is from all the different states
Beautiful sky
behind the tree
Some of the toy towns and trains on the lawn
Sherry with the Washington Monument
in the back ground
It was cold!
Cassidy – fifth from the right

It was well worth the cold and wind –

the kids were great

and the setting beautiful

We have been here a number of times

and it always sends s shiver

and a good feeling.

They will remember this –

when they were young



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