Papas World ” RIGHT – GO RIGHT – GO RIGHT” !!!

It all happened so fast – Ella was sleeping in the back!

It had been raining since we left Savannah Ga.

Our exit for Rte. 4 was here – to Orlando

We were getting off of 95! Thank goodness –

Those people are crazy zig zagging in and out!

Sherry was driving and I was watching the map quest –

Everyone was going fast regardless of the rain –

But we had stayed in the right lane and about 10 MPH

under the speed limit and our turn was next.

She eased over into the turn lane

There was a big pick up truck in front of us

We could not see beyond him!

All of a sudden his brake lights came on –

Sherry slammed on the brakes

we were not going that fast

we started to slide on the wet pavement

Then there was a boom and I watched as pieces

of his front end started flying out!

He had slammed into the car in front of him –

and we were sliding –

I yelled – ” RIGHT – RIGHT – GO TO THE RIGHT”!

And Sherry did- cutting the wheel –

We slid to the right into the grass

and came to a stop.

We had missed the rear corner of the truck bed

by a matter of feet and inches!

Thank God – it was over in seconds

When he had hit the back end of a Toyota Avalon

He had also gone to his right

Leaving us no way of going around him

So – by going right -we were now facing the side of the highway

and his back end was 4 or 5 feet from

our rear door!

We were very fortunate- it all could of ended right there!

That is as close as you can get!

Thinking back on it – she told me all she could hear is me saying


And she swung it that way.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

We made it

And we are blessed

Papa’s World