Papa’s World – Golfing Leopards Chase – Gold!

Good morning – a cloudy start to our day of golf with friends!

Leopards Chase – Gold course – situated in Ocean Ridge Plantation

Along with THREE other courses – all named after

Big Cats of Prey!

Cindy Sherry Buck on the green – now to select where we are putting from

We have decided to build a house – in the long run –

it will work out the same or cheaper than buying!

The market keeps going up for resales on houses

and we can build and have brand new for the same!

Cindy and Sherry – down the middle is normal for them – Cindy getting yardage to the pin!

And we will build right across the road from this and three other courses

in what is called Cameron Woods!

In fact within a 5 mile radius –

20 golf courses and two beaches

Ocean Isle beach and Sunset beach.

We had searched and searched – condos – houses- apartments

and by chance we found this – and the model –

Sherry once again had her dream home!

And it knocked off about 45 minutes for the drive back to NVA!

Sherry hitting off the middle to the green – water to the left!

All we are waiting for now is the plans to be final

and then a meeting with the construction manager

to go over those plans

and then a start and probable finish date

4 to 6 months start to finish!

By the time you are reading this

we will have already done that!

Buck and me – it was a great time to golf with friends on a very good course – to think there are three more in here and it is a mile from where we will live!
Cindy hitting fro the fairway to the green!

We love this area – the drive to both beaches is less than 15 minutes

Shopping is 6 minutes

Calabash is 15 minutes

and Route 17 is ten minutes.

Our friends house is about 30 to 40 minutes

And a lot of places to dine out on the I.C.W.!

We have extended our stay where we are until the end of June

hoping that the build will be done

We have to buy furniture and move what we have in storage

down here.

Cindy – Buck – Papa – Sherry we are golfing regular now – mostly with our friends – whom we have golfed with for about 30 years!
A lot of the golf cart paths run through the sand – we saw no gators but not sure if they are here or not – but saw signs for snakes!
Cindy and Sherry discussing their next shot as we let a twosome play through – these ladies are serious and hard to tie!

We did not want to go farther South –

we wanted a temperate climate

and still be 7 hours to home!

Bridge to number 18 – the final hole with waterfall!

We have found that place here – among the golf courses and beaches

but still only a 30 minute drive to North Myrtle Beach

which we have become fond of!

Number 18 – Leopards Chase – Gold Course!

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Papa’s World – when you get excited – see some Jimmy Buffet – relax – it will be OK!

We had been touring – listening to advice from friends

strangers – and our landlord!

We were visiting different housing neighborhoods

and came across one that we THOUGHT would be IT!

So much so that we actually had the salesman contact his manager.

Could we purchase the lot next to the model

which currently was a parking lot for the model

and place the exact home on that lot

facing the big water view pond

for the exact price of the model?

Well – we left with a package and a wait for a answer.

We were six miles from Broadway on the beach

which meant 7 miles and 15 minutes to the Ocean and beach.

Exactly what we were looking for!

And it would be a brand new home – not to big –

but – as we drove away – it was five miles to a store for food!

A perfect storm so to speak – but a little far to go and buy bread with traffic.

However – it was enticing and more so when we got the email.

“YES” was the answer and they discounted that lot by $5000.00!

Then – we heard JIMMY sing – about the HURRICANE

and this HURRICANE started to rain


and the whole place sang along!

But the rest of the email read-


8 or 9 months away!

We listened to the song and reflected on our choice

it was there but a little out of reach.

We decided there listening to Jimmy Buffet

calm down – enjoy the journey

for we have only just begun.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World