Papa’s World – The LITTLE one’s first cheer – CASSIDY


She is nine years old –

She is a independent child

Full of life – always creative

She can melt your heart

But she also will ask ” WHY- WHAT – HOW- WHEN “

She is her own identity ” CASSIDY “

The small one of the twins.

The fighter !

Cassidy – the small one on the left
looking at her instructor
with her mentor the taller
one behind her

She went to Cheer leading school

and as part of that school

she and her classmates & mentors

got to cheer the first half

of the varsity


About to cheer – Cassidy

I had a hard time taking pictures and video’s

as she would disappear in a flash

behind the bigger kids and then emerge again

But I did get some pictures

Growing up
staying out of trouble
in a small NWPA
living simple
my bike and my friends
at the ball park
when street lights come on
head for home
She did well
listening to instructions
never letting her mentor
out of her sight
or touch

It was a bit chilly – and every time the varsity scored

all the cheerleaders hit the deck

and did push ups !

I do not think she knew she had to do this

and it was funny seeing the expression on her face

one push up for every single point

BOY – THE SCORE WAS 34 to 0 at halftime


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Cassidy in the back in the middle
her first cheer
The beginning
of many times to come
Sherry her MORMOR
her business

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Papa’s World – Surprised – watching a marching band

It started out watching my grand daughter in her first cheer leading !

But – as I watched – I could not help but notice

The Marching Band – Drill Team and Color Guard –

It was very large considering it was a High School band.

I looked at my hand out of the team details

and found that the Marching Band had 243 members !

Now that I thought was what you would most likely see

at a College football game – not High School

Plus – all the equipment that was on the track later to be set up

I took pictures starting from the center
and then a left center
and a right center

A tractor was used to tow part of the equipment out –

There were platforms

one that had stairs and microphones set up at the top

a small platform was seen in this picture

And there were THREE DRUM MAJORS

each with a platform

two small ones right and left

and a high one in the center

where they directed the entire field!

Left Center –
One drum major to the left
and higher up
the Center Drum Major

The music flowed – the drum corp and horn section

all the while the drill team and color guard performed.

During the performance

each member set their hat on the field

all lined up in formation

off to the side

I found that to be quite effective

Right center
with the drum major
directing that side

I do not know the correct name for the instruments in front of the platform

But there were four of them

and microphones set up

and band members with horns and flutes

would climb the stairs and play from up high.

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The whole performance
was to the music
and I thought performed
really well

The announcement came – they had performed in competition

and each time – FIRST PLACE –

They were going to compete at JMU this weekend

competing against 50 bands from across the Country.

The Briar Woods
marching band
color guard
drill team
Brambleton Va.

Thank you

It was a unexpected viewing

one that I knew little about

Amazed that so many students

participated in all the activities that night

Football team 86

Marching band 243

cheerleaders 30

student section Full

whole experience Priceless

Tom & Sherry