Papa’s World – Harper’s Ferry – Brewery – a little history.


As the birthday celebration of my wife Sherry continued –

Hosted by our daughter Debby and her husband Mike –

We drove to Harper’s Ferry in W.V.

along with the three oldest grand daughters.

Sarah gazing at the river

We were going to hike a trail to the summit of a over look !

However – it was HOT !

Like 95 degrees HOT and very humid – no breeze.

Ella – Maddy – Debby and Sherry

We gathered before walking across the rail road trestle –

Knowing it was going to be a lot harder than we thought-

They ( the family ) had done this before –

in much cooler weather.

On the trail

After crossing across the river –

we hit the trail along side the remains of the old canal.

Along the old canal

This part was mostly flat – but in full Sun.

While this was hot – it was easy walking –

we walk three miles every day –

but stick to the shade as much as we can.

At the beginning of the climb

We started up the mountain – in the shade – but no breeze !


We walk upward for a half hour –

Sweat – no air movement – we had climbed over a mile –

View from the rail road trestle

After a pause – checking our heart rates –

We – Sherry and myself decided

before heat stroke set in –

to turn around and walk the two plus miles back to the trestle.

It was just so hot and no air.

On the trestle – we watched dozens of tubers floating down the river.

Ella – Sherry and Maddy

It was the right choice –

even back in the town – it got hotter –

in the high 90’s !

We walked around and explored the streets –

having been here a couple times before –

we went to the train station to cool off in the AC.

Sherry and Sarah went to the wax museum

The Brewery

Looking for a place to have lunch – we decided to drive out of town –

and go up into the mountains to –


Harper ‘s Ferry Brewery

This actually occupies the same area

as the rentals for the tube rides and rafters.

Buses take them down to the river

here they float down and through the rapids.

Hundreds of people stop on the big rocks in the middle of the river –

We could see them as we looked from the brewery.

Maddy – Ella – Sherry – Sarah and Debby

There were two food trucks – the regular one and a guest one –

From our area called FORD’S FISH SHACK –

a very popular place to eat – esp. sea food !

I counted over 30 taps for their beer in the brewery –

And we did a beer tasting flight of six of them

Debby – Ella – Taylor -Maddy – Sherry – Sarah and Mike

Then it was the trip back to the house at Lake Holiday –

Where Tammy – Marcus – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode –

drove back from their vacation in Maine –

to surprise Sherry !

Cassidy and Bode

The three oldest had made Swedish horses out of cement and tile for Sherry

As stepping stones in her flower beds

Having painted them and in different sizes according to their own age.

Blue – Maddy Orange – Sarah Red – Ella

They actually inlaid these with different tiles.

Lake Holiday

Today it will be back to the beach two at Lake Holiday –

where we can swim and cool off !

Beach Two

It has been a great birthday celebration

Family gathered

It is coming to a end

Harper’s Ferry – The Brewery – Lake Holiday

All organized by Debby & Mike

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Papa’s World – Last full day – journey into the Blue Ridge – Visit BEAR CHASE brewery !


We were down to our last full day !

So we ventured not East – but to the West –

To the Blue Ridge Mountains of Va.

Mountain top brewery
right next to Mt. Weather
the Government installation

We were going to relax after three days of non stop touring !

So – we took in Bear Chase Brewery –

on top of a mountain –

with views of Reston – Tyson’s corner –

40 to 50 miles away !

Looking East toward D.C.

We arrived and only a few people were there!

Only a few people were there
We had a late lunch
and a few brews

We have been here on weekends when it is packed

both the brewery and the yards !

Lots of nooks and crannies
to enjoy friends
around a fire pit !
A air B&B you can rent
just walk to bed after a night party !

There is also a bar opened on the lawn when it is busy

and a menu for food

close by is another brewery and a winery

along with Mt. Weather where it is said

the Vice President was taken on 9 – 11 !

Sherry Jo Tom

We were going to spend a couple hours just relaxing

and taking in the view

Sherry – checking on information
about history
of the area

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Jo Sherry Paul

Next blog – final day – morning walk –

the streets of Brambleton Va.


Papa’s World – Morning begins our day out to Barefoot Landing!

Waking up everyday to a sunrise!

We do plan some days ahead –

mostly – we walk in the mornings

usually around 9 am.

Other days it is errands to run – houses to see

areas to explore –

and a trip down the street

to BAREFOOT LANDING in North Myrtle Beach!

Now – to get our STEPS in

we go here and walk around.

It is peaceful – not crowded

and you walk around the lake

and among the stores.

We wear our masks when it gets crowded

We also have had lunch here.

And it is maybe 5 or 6 miles away.

There is construction going on for a new brewery

and it looks to be really huge!

But in the mean time – they have set up a small park like area.

With tables – artificial lawn – stringed lights

a playground for kids

and a small tear drop trailer that is converted into a kitchen!

It is called Crooked Hammock Brewery!

I had one of them from a small TIKI LIKE HUT

next to the tear drop trailer.

It was what I wanted – not too heavy

and a hint of coconut aftertaste.

Now that may not sound good to you

but I enjoyed it and would drink it again.

I do not like IPA’s or heavy beer.

While sitting there at a long table all by ourselves

a table that could easily seat 10 or 12 people.

I noticed another couple with masks on purchase a couple beers

in cans from the brewery.

They had no where to sit

so I invited them to sit at the other end of our long table.

We carried on a conversation and found out at one time they had lived near us in Northern Va.

They had done the same as us and had purchased a condo

overlooking the marina – where we had previously

had dinner with the McBrides and Sherry’s sister

at a place called CLARK’S!

We had met another couple – exchanged address’s

and phone numbers –

we had made new friends simply by offering a seat for them.

You never know as your day starts what will transpire.

What began with a brand new sunrise

turned into a fine day of walking – meeting new friends

and discovering a new brewery.

Life is good and getting better!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World