Papa’s World – Cameron Woods – the beauty of the coming twilight!

Sunset Beach, N.C. from the pier.

After spending the day here at Sunset Beach – one of the top ten beaches in the country –

we drove the short ride back to our Cameron Woods Community.

Arrived home after several hours at Sunset Beach to our home.
My good thought for the day!

After dinner and having a small sprinkle of rain – I went outside in the clean fresh air – warm –

and beheld the night early evening sky!

The end of the day at Cameron Woods Community.

It was a good day – one that we spent at the beach and then back home once again.

Cameron Woods – the beauty of the coming twilight!

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Papa’s World – Fluffy clouds – Rainbows – storms are coming – watching the sky

I am a sky watcher – the sunrise and clouds –

Planes – blue skies – and dark skies.

I watch as storms roll in – only to disappoint – no rain!

Since coming here to our daughters and son in laws house

it would take me two hands to count the number of times

I looked up and there it was – A RAINBOW!

No rain – but it must be in the distance!

Sometimes I was able to get a picture –

other times not!

Watching the skies – billowing clouds –

You think – is that going to be rain?

And then you see –

Another rainbow – no it does not seem like rain!

But then –

Through the sunlight – comes the rain –

and behind the house was the rainbow.



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Papas World – coffee – early morning – sunrise – my day!

I have always risen early – before the sun rises.

Usually by that time – I have already done my social media.

I have checked face book – my emails & my blog site.

I have had my first cup of two coffee’s!

Here in our base camp that I call home –

there is a glass sliding door that leads to a set of stairs.

I can see a rose bush and a tree –

black images againest a sky beginning to lighten up!

Dawn – orange colored with hints of light purple.

My time of day !

As I age – my time of sleep needed is about the same.

Here – my son in law is also a early riser.

He waters the back yard with his cup of coffee

while I read the morning paper and water the front yard.

The morning for me is what I love the most.

Like a painting – calm – serene – and a beginning of a new day.

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