Papa’s World – Life with us in Carolina and before!

This is our new Community center in Cameron Woods Community – OIB, North Carolina.

We now are residents of Noth Carolina – having moved here almost 3 years ago.

Coming from Northern Va. for the past 21 years and before that in WNY!

We are the product of the ’60s and 70’s growing up thru the 50’s.

Working in WNY and transferring to NVA – our lives have transformed into senior living and retirement.

Papa taking a selfie of our neighborhood walking group an Mondays and Fridays!

Our favorite pass time is beach walking -and golfing and walking with friends and neighbors.

Living life one day at a time and living life to what I call the plus!

Helping where we can – Memory Care unit – Book club – helping people out who have dogs –

Life is full of wonderful situations – positive things and getting rid of negativity.

Growing our own produce without soil and pesticides. eating as healthy as we can.

Thanks for reading – Sunrises and Sunsets – Papa’s World – my site:

PAPA and SHERRY – living life to the plus one day at a time – Life in the Carolinas and before!

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