Papa’s World – Sunset at Sunset Beach – nature’s wonder.

Good day – we are close to this beach – a short 12-minute drive and then the walkway over the dunes to the beach.

The walkway is long and goes over the sand and dunes – shrubs – small trees and a habitat for all kinds of native species.

Along the way – you can see the sun beginning to dip below the horizon – many bushes line the walkway.

Looking back along the walkway to the beach houses – this is the far end of Sunset Beach – from here on it is BIRD ISLAND –

no beach houses – just sand and dunes and ocean surf!

You may find it hard to park here as it is limited and no blocked driveways and no parking allowed signs.

When you can find parking – tires are not allowed on bike paths or sidewalks.

But – when you do find one it is worth it to be able to walk this out to the beach.

Sherry and Papa at the end of the walkway and the ramp down to the beach – the sunset is fantastic, behind us is BIRD ISLAND – nothing but sand – dunes, and surf – a mile plus from here is the KINDRED SPIRIT MAILBOX which has existed for more than forty years. Google it and read the history of this historic place.

Sherry walking down the ramp to the beach in the sunset – they sky always change here depending on the clouds!

After walking on the beach – time to head back and the final rays of sun through the foliage on the walk back.


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