Papa’s World – The world of good thoughts and humor.

Welcome to Papa’s World – a daily exercise in blogging my thoughts – words – dreams and life.

Papa’s World is designed on positive vibes – positive happenings – laughter – family and friends – a blog that details my family.

Papa and Sherry – my wife of over forty years – and two years before we married – my partner in family – life and beliefs.

I have learned it is the small things in life each day that mounts up to the joy that I love!

Family – friends – neighbors, and people from all walks of life – we live life one day at a time.

A sense of humor – laughing and exploring is what we love about each other and our life together.

This is my blog and our life together – PAPA’S WORLD – my site: my contact: fitztdf@fitztdf

Over 1000 blogs on this site – enjoy them – have a breakfast drink and sit back and enjoy life as we see it!

PAPA’S WORLD – a product of the above – thanks for reading and have a great day!

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