Papa’s World – before there was STAND BY ME – ELDRED

In a little community five miles from the New York State border –

In North West Pa. – stands a village –

called Eldred.

Nestled in the Allegany hills by the river of the same name –

Home to me for my first thirty years of life.

The Allegany Mountains

With a population through out the years at 800 to 1000 people –

Everyone knew your name and parents !

And we had a CURFEW –

yes – the fire station siren –

would blast away at 10:00 every night !

It could be heard all over town –

Main street in the 1800’s

Many a night during the Summer –

sleeping out –

be it in my own back yard or front porch –

or that of a friend –

We found ourselves roaming the streets –

long after curfew !

We did not do anything wrong other than raid some gardens .

Smoke a cigar or cigarette

and later – up on the hill –

Drink some Colt 45 !

Rural Eldred

We had friends – from all parts of town –

I lived on North Main Street

A lot of my friends lived by the ballpark –

yes we had a ball diamond with lights !

And tennis and basketball courts !

Stand by Me

Grade school friends –

later High School –

There was a movie that came out


Well before that –

was “ELDRED” at least in my life !

My STAND BY ME FRIENDS – me second from left

We formed a group in my Freshman year –

one of my friends fathers named BUD formed it !

It was called “THE EXPLORERS” –

a step up from the Boy Scouts.

We did everything – raised money –

held the first dances in the area.

We went on trips – Pro football games –

And my favorite – a long weekend canoe trip –

down the Allegany River !

Here in this picture you can see our camp site by the river.

Streets of Eldred

We all played sports –

baseball – basketball and football.

It kept us busy and out of trouble –

It was our time in youth –

Some are now gone –

others I see once in a while –

But – all are memories of a time long gone.


This little town has a big city Museum –

rather large –

thousands of square feet –

with life size displays of people –

trucks – jeeps – armaments –


A must see on the history of this area and WWII

Part of the history of the area is that

manufacture of WWII bombs

and munitions

and bullets were made here.

It was a highly guarded site –

The museum has all

and more of the lore of the area.

Bus loads of people stop and tour it.

Work out center used to be Justice of Peace – before that – a grocery store – repurpose as the town ages

It is not a large town – small in fact –

the buildings from the 1800’s –

many are still there –

only in another form.

Main street has no red lights –

And in hunting season –

it fills up with hunters from the cities.

But it is a place where I grew up –

A place of friendship through the years

A place where NORMAL stands out –

and a place called ” ELDRED “

long before ” STAND BY ME “


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18 thoughts on “Papa’s World – before there was STAND BY ME – ELDRED

  1. I enjoy reading about Eldred, p.a.. Left there 67 years ago but lots of siblings. Still live in the area. Have made many trips home to visit. Have toured the museam there. Idaho has been my home since leaving.


    • Mary – my family lived there for 75 years -on North Main Street. I left when I was around 30 or 31. Who are your siblings – I may know them ! Thank you for reading – it is a small World !


  2. Answering for my older sister Mary Lowe Kalinoski. Jim Lowe now lives in Lewis run, Bill Lowe lives up slack hollow, David Lowe lives up Slack hollow, Peg Lowe VanScoter Johnson lives up close to twp fire hall. All the other siblings left Eldred to distant places. Eldred is a nice place to visit. Personally, happy to not live there now.


    • Patricia – Okay – I know who the family is – in fact two weeks ago I sat and talked to Bill at my grand daughters graduation party ! Thank you for answering – I plan on writing more memories – thanks again.


    • Patty , thank you for answering – I now know who the family is – in fact I sat and talked to Bill two weeks ago at my grand daughters graduation party !Thank you for commenting.   You can follow my blogs by subscribing to WordPress( free) or typing in Thank you again. Tom


  3. I lived out side of Eldred for 17 married at the old justice of the peace.i miss the name was Galentine.


    • Debbie thank you – I went to school with Ron – any relation ?  you can follow me -just go to wordpress – join – free – and then subscribe to my blog site – free – and you will get a email each time I post – almost every day – my site is   thank you – HGD !!!


    • Gina – thank you – I spent a lot of time on Elm street and at your parents house ! You can follow me – by going to wordpress ( free) and join – then go to my blog and subscribe ( free)  you will then get a email every time I blog –  almost daily – my blog is  thank you again .


  4. lived there and graduated from Otto. Moved out and went to other states. when I returned it had changed. Now go there to see my son and grand children. Still call it home.


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