Papa’s World – Conway, S.C. – the HALLOWEEN CITY!

We took a little trip to Conway – about one-half hour away – we had been there two years ago – only on a Sunday

when all the stores were shut down –

We wanted to revisit when they were open and to our surprise – Conway is known as THE HALLOWEEN CITY!

Everywhere all the trees were decorated as were the stores outside and inside.

The trees seem to have grown pumpkins and as a store owner told my wife – when Hurricane IAN came through – not one pumpkin came down in the rain and winds!

Walking the streets – full of stores and a lot of historic churches.

A beautiful river walk – and a theater with blood coming over the roof and down the front showing the musical “CARRIE”!

Thanks for stopping by – CONWAY, S.C. – HALLOWEEN CITY! PAPA’S WORLD –

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