Papa’s World – On the marshes – Kayaking from OIB!

Launching the Kayaks into the ICW!

Our friends – Pam and Bob – stayed in a campground a couple miles from our home in their RV.

We purchased the four tickets way back last Feb. and they wanted to go with us!

So – here we are – launching the Kayaks one by one – waiting in the bay until all are in.

Bob Pam and Papa.

We all had life jackets and were led by two people familiar with the ICW and the marshes.

And we are off!

Papa – Sherry Bob Pam in the marsh.

Right in the middle of the marsh – we pulled onto a sand bar – got out and had some fun!

And someone brought “FIREBALLS”!

We were here for a half hour – and the guide was explaining blue crabs and caught one to show us.

After the sandbar – FIREBALL – blue crab- numerous jet skis – other Kayaks – we continued the maze through the marsh and reeds!

We are going to do this again – waiting until Feb. to buy at half price once again.

This was a deal!

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