Papa’s World – Through the eyes of our children – our generation lives on – OUR meaning of life.

OUR meaning of life.

My blogs are for this very reason – leaving a legacy for OUR future generations.

Writing – pictures – events – all recorded – but it is the children who will pass it on.

Our granddaughter Maddy – is a senior at the University of Lynchburg – Engineering Science – soccer – life.

Through her we live – we watch – we cheer – and the future generations will know us –

Blogging has become my pictorial journal of all our lives –

To pass on down through the generations to come.

Children are our destiny.

She is the oldest granddaughter.

Generations now and generations to come.

The generation of Papa’s World

Family – the circle of life – the now – the future –

Our legacy

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – passing our life through our children to future generations.

PAPA’S WORLD – OUR meaning of life – my blog:


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