Papa’s World – family – our boys!

Troy Papa Shawn

It was a very long time in coming – we moved South in 1999 and left behind the boys.

They had their own lives and jobs –

We have been planning this for months and months –

and after driving some 15 hours –

they were here.

Before they came down – they agreed among themselves – they would play golf with me if I played mini golf with them – DONE – next time it is GOLF! LOL
Sherry Troy Papa

We had so much fun showing the SALT LIFE – sunrises and sunsets.

Shawn and Sherry

Memories of the past 40-plus years were talked about and laughed at!

This time together means so much!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – FAMILY OUR BOYS – fitztdf!

FAMILY – our boys came to visit!

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