Papa’s World – Through the years – our life!

June 25th. 1982 – our wedding day – Papa and Sherry

We dated a little over a year before we got engaged and then a year later married.

We both were married before – she had two daughters – I had two sons – and we had each other.

We lived way out in the country – the driveway was 1/10th of a mile long –

great in winter to sled ride.

That first year I mowed everything by hand – it took five days!

And then – rest for two and start over again – we bought a riding mower!

On marriage was based on the Church on the rock-solid!

Those early years were lean years – combining two sets of kids –

running back and forth – very little extra money –

but we survived and to this day look back fondly on all those times.

We always traveled by van – all of us.

We would pack breakfast – lunch, and dinners – take adventures –

the kids loved it.

Camping – in tents – visiting friends.

Then the kids started leaving one by one.

Marriages – moving – college – our family was just the two of us.

We started to travel – the country and the world

The kids were gone – we had moved from the country and into town.

Now – the house was empty and we had the opportunity to transfer to NVA.

We went to NVA and the daughters and family followed us.

We bought and sold three houses in NVA.

My sons stayed in Pa.

But – it seemed like the extended family all moved to NVA.

Retirement came – and once again – we thought of selling and moving farther south.
We made the move in 2020 – and today we are in OIB, Cameron Woods, N.C.

The family stayed in Pa. and Va. – her sister is building a small condo near us.

The family has visited us many times – my sons are coming end of summer.

Forty years have passed since that wedding day – and we still are one and going strong.
Thanks for reading Papa’s World – through the years –
Papa’s World

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