Papa’s World – Part one – The gardens of James Wood estate – Winchester, Va.

The James Wood estate – founder of Winchester, Va.

The mid-1700s found James Wood laying out the boundaries of Winchester, Va.

Sub-divided into lots with streets – and this estate for himself.

Three springs lay on this property and the land had many natural rock formations and loose rocks.

The rocks were used for boundary lines like fences and the others for foundation work.

One of the many springs in the area – this one for the Old Town.
Natural rock formations with fresh spring water.
The beauty of the estate is how they used the natural landscape for the design of the gardens.
A look over the natural spring waters of the James Wood estate.
Sherry on one section of natural rock.

Note the stone wall behind her – most likely picked up off the ground and used in the construction.

The James Wood estate is now part of The Museum Of The Shenandoah Valley
Thanks for reading – part two will be the – estate – lawns and gardens.

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