Papa’s World – walking the trails of the Museum of the Shenandoah – Winchester, Va.

The map of the trails – this whole area is in the City Limits of Winchester, Va.
When we go back to visit our family – we often come here to walk.

This preserve is acres and acres and is by the Shenandoah Museum.

It is full of sculptures and is part of the James Wood homestead.

He was the founder of Winchester in the mid-1700s.

There are sculptures throughout the trails.
There are planned wildflowers throughout the walk.
The property is full of natural springs.
Sherry and Ella – not sure just what this is – there was an explanation – but it was unique.
A lot of the trails wind up and down and through the forests!
The rocks and stones were used in the 1700s to make as natural an environment as they could – here is one of the springs.
Debby Ella and Sherry – walking the trails.

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