Papa’s World – my maternal grandparents from my mother’s side – Nora and David Aiken.

During my early youth – my grandma raised me as my parents both worked.

I remember sitting on her lap and asking when I could go to school to see a first grader

walking down the street – who was two years older than I!

I think this puts me at about four years old!

She was everything to me and I am sad that my memories are not more there about her.

Nora and David Aiken

These were my mother’s parents and he passed away before I was born – my middle name is after him.

Granma was 85 years old when she passed away and had 11 children!

She was PA. DUTCH – Maiden name of Schick,

and followed the lumber camps around –

cooking meals for all the lumberjacks in Pa.

She met my grandfather during that time.

He was Irish and English – a big man – some say 6’3″ –

They were both what we called down homers in Pa.

The Brookville – Corsica area below Dubois.

My grandfather was a farmer and produced his own flower – pork – beef – milk and vegetables.

It was said during the Great Depression – he would walk and carry food to the neighbors

to keep them from starving – never asking for anything in return –

as they had 11 children of their own to feed.

He passed from a heart attack as he was pulling a hog up to butcher.

I think he was much this way.

Just a little family history to pass on to my kids – as there is not many left of my generation.

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