Papas World – social media a bit of kindness – morals

Today I write this with sadness – but still moral in my beliefs.

Friends of youth – but oh how they have changed.

In today’s culture – social media has become a way

to “Stay in touch” but also a two edged sword.

Sometimes it requires to cut that tie –

all be it difficult – as you also cut the memory of the past.

Posting on social media has its rewards

and also its downfalls.

Trying to remain neutral sometimes is really difficult.

But – integrity – morals – truth – and doing the right thing –

Family – church – God and country –

Giving not taking –

loving not hating

When you cut ties from your youth

know that every day the Sun still rises

I am sad –

but I have no regrets

Social media can be rewarding –

and in this case where I had to cut those ties

Friends stepped up –

Social media also gives you that.

We believe in justice – morals – integrity – church – family -country – God

In our case – the joy in social media returns

with out the negative distractions of those who try to instill their views.


Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Where friends meet the family.

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