Papas World – Our grand kids and health- eating healthy

Crazy as it reads
this is true
sugar is in everything

When we go to shows as a vendor-

we will demonstrate how much sugar is in

each popular drink – snack or breakfast cereals.

We do this by taking the total amount of grams of sugar

and dividing it by three – which then equals a 3 gram sugar packet

Like you find on tables to sweeten your coffee – tea etc.

The twins
Cassidy and Taylor

This method is a eye opener –

for parents to see just how much sugar is in a can of soda!

Or a packet of skittles – a candy bar – a snack bar!

Little children do not know and it becomes a addiction – SUGAR!

Our small grand children
all were born with their
mother taking Juice Plus

We found Juice Plus almost 14 years ago –

and were hooked when we read the research and what it does

over time in your body –

Health is not a quick fix –


My regret – it has been around for almost 25 years

I wish I had been there from the start.

Taylor with MorMor
Non sugar drink

The twins were early – taken out of the womb

as Taylor was growing faster than Cassidy

At 32 to 33 weeks they came into the World.

And from day one – no complications


Tammy took Juice Plus for years before they were born

and all during the time she carried them.

The same for Bode
born healthy


where one child is sponsored by one adult

Between the age of 4 and 19.

If the adult orders – a 4 month supply

The child will also get a 4 month supply ( free – just pay shipping)

and this will continue for FOUR YEARS –

as long as the adult continues!

And this apply’s to college students also ( you know how they eat)!

Sherry and Tom
We promote health
at 70 years old

This program has all our grandchildren on it

Yes – we sell Juice Plus –

Yes – we promote health

And yes we have helped hundreds

We travel – we attend seminars on health

Sherry is a certified Health Coach ( from Dr. William Sears)

We live the talk

and – in all these years

We have seen the results


Thank you for reading Papa’s World

where friends meet the family

If you want info!

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