Papa’s World – hiking the Appalachian trail

Our oldest daughter – Debby and her family – Sarah – Ella – Maddy and daddy Mike.

We gathered at 9:15 am. on Saturday – May 11th. 2019 at the parking lot on top of the mountain on route 7. We were going to celebrate Mother’s day with them as a family – with a hike – they are outdoor’s family and hiking is a way of life for them. Sherry and I – we do it – but not alone – falling would at our age – be a disaster – as cell service almost does not exist in the mountains up there.

The trail – which is part of the Appalachain trail – was wet and muddy from all the rain we have had.
The landscape along her is very rocky – and this part of the trail is known as the “ROLLERCOASTER”

It was very rocky and I had to watch my step – as it was slippery – and I did not want to fall nor twist a ankle.

Sherry was always ahead of me as I tended to bring up the rear -and you can see the rocks – I wanted to watch them and be ready if anyone ( Sherry) slipped.
Picture time – posing – the hike was about 1.20 miles in each direction – coming down we made it in less that 30 minutes – which was not bad for it being so wet.

All the trails we hiked up on was a little over a mile – but it was up and down and in and around – with rocks the whole way.

Mike and Ella standing on top of the BEAR’S DEN over view. You can see route 7 in the background and father away – the Shenandoah river.

And then we were at the top- and by the way – we passed dozens of hikers going both ways – and they passed us – mostly going up – we saw a lot of hikers doing just what we were – but also solo – hikers with big back packs who were actually hiking the main trail – which is over 2200 miles long.

Debby – Mike and Maddy looking out over the Shenandoah river
and valley along route 7 in Va.

The view at the top – you look out over the valley and see both the river and route 7 which heads to Winchester Va.

The path into the Bear’s Den.
Ella and Maddy – looking into some of the caves.

The rock formations at the top – you can see these from the highway as you travel East on route 7 – a lot of overhangs and shear drops.

Maddy – standing in front of the Bear’s Den behind her left leg as she faces you – you could get 3 or 4 people inside and be completely dry in a storm.
This almost looks to me as if in the ancient past – someone made a seat just outside the cave to her right – this actually is like a crawl space to the overlook above.
Maddy sitting on the chair !
Sherry and Debby – mother and daughter – standing on the over view

The hike up was worth it – climbing – some places you had to find a hand hold so not to lose your balance – but it was quiet – except when people were passing – even saw one young man hiking BAREFOOT ! All in all – it was a very tranquil day – spent as a day with mom – both mom’s – for Mother’s Day!

Looking at both the wonders from afar and near.

Taken from the cave entrance up to mother and daughters looking out over the valley – wondering how many over a thousand years have done this !

MORMOR and her tree oldest gran daughters.
MORMOR is Swedish for ” MOTHER’S MOTHER “

I hope this hike in pictures for today’s blog – you enjoyed as much as we did in being with the kids and sharing a memory for time to come. At the top is a stone lodge built in the ’30 ‘s as a summer home fora doctor from Washington D.C. It later was converted into a lodge – hostel and campground for hikers on the Applalachain Trail. This stone wall is the entrance on the driveway into the lodge.

Tom & Sherry

Spending the day with grand kids and their parents for Mother’s day –

hiking the Appalachain trail in the Shaenandoah’s to the Bear’s Den outside of Bluemont Va. – “PRICELESS ” .

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