Papa’s World – every where I look – there is a story !

I look around – I take in – I SEE STORIES !


Happy Saturday everyone !

I always notice things – small – medium or large !

ME !!!!

Even when I go to the fridge –

If my wife Sherry has gone to one of her meetings –

I say to her ” Don’t worry – I will find something to eat ” !


Now it will no way compare to ” MONK’S BBQ ” that we stopped into –

Saturday on our way to Winchester to pick up Sarah and Ella.

This was in Purcelville Va. – just off route 7 –

Had heard nothing but good things about this place.

And when we stopped or tried to – the lot was full !



So – I drove around –

just then she said to me someone is pulling out !

I swung back and right into a parking space by 6 motorcycles !

Glad we did – because this place has the BEST BBQ !


Do not stand in line – ( more than 25 people)

Go directly to the bar – sit down – order a drink –

over 16 local crafted brews from NVA brewery’s –

And HUNDREDS of shelved bottles of the GOOD STUFF !

You do not have to drink at the bar

You can order ICE WATER – ( Sherry did )

ME – The lightest craft beer on tap – do not know what it was –

but it hit the spot and was not heavy but still craft beer !

NOW THE GOOD PART – You order right from there –

And by pass that long line and in FIVE MINUTES –

Your meal is sitting in front of you –

I had time to take two sips and just got my phone out and BINGO !

THERE IT WAS and it was good!

Tom & Sherry

If you look and see – listen and observe – you will find that story !

See this guy in the middle – there is a story there –

But that will be for another time –

TODAY – we happened upon a great BBQ place and found a secret –

How to not stand in line and get great service –

Yes – she – the bartender was that good –

AND – I over heard her talking to another customer.

She makes the service fast and great so she can get the customers

and of course the TIPS !


You just have to listen and recognize the thought process.

SHE FIGURED A WAY and it was a winner for all of us !

Thank you for reading.

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Thank you for reading


2 thoughts on “Papa’s World – every where I look – there is a story !

  1. I like the way you think! We have gone to the bar for service before when the line was too long and it works great! It’s a good trick! Thank you for sharing! Jim and I will have to try this BBQ place out! ❤️❤️


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