The Bear and the Fox. Existing to live – live to Exist.


In the early years of us being in Northern Va. , a couple of things happened. First , Tammy followed us down. Then a year later Mike and Debby and our new baby grand-daughter , Madison Margo Myers , known to us as Maddy , joined us.

I often thought if I were to open a bed and breakfast or a Cafe – I would give it the name of “THE BEAR AND THE FOX!” Why, I don’t know except that it sounded cool and I could envision a picture of a Bear and a Fox having dinner together at a table with some wine!

Now I see the picture of Maddy & her Father , our little Fox being carried by her father , The Bear of the woods, as he loves to hike the Northern woods of New York State. kinda out there in left field , but that is how I see it!

Teaching the ways of life to their children and bringing in the Health & Nutrition – showing how you EXIST TO LIVE  &  LIVE TO EXIST – always molding a way to blend their lives into harmony with nature.

The Bear and the Fox. A little girl and her father – hiking into their lives of Existing to live – Live to Exist.

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