Papa’s World – LIVING LIFE


Gratitude to being alive –

which if you know me-

I really should not be here !

I can count four times in my 70 plus years

that it could of gone the other way.

North Main Street
Eldred Pa.The cluster of houses
on the left side
at the top.

I was perhaps 4 or 5 years old –

I was going to cross the street – between two parked cars.

I stepped out and I heard the brakes –

I looked up and a matter of feet to my left

was a car stopped

we locked eyes – the driver and me

I was shaking – he just gripped the wheel

I came within several feet of being run over.

That has stayed with me to this day & I still see him in my mind.

My car accident

I was 17 years old – senior in H.S. playing football.

I went to visit my girl friend

My father had one big car and one small car.

The small one was a SIMCA – 5 speed – it was not fast at all !

It was like a square VW !

I was going toward the state line –

I put my turn signal on to turn left – I was in second gear

Just as I turned – a car came up from my rear going really fast

and decided to pass me instead of slowing down

The right front bumper and fender plowed into the door right behind me

I was thrown to the right passenger seat – my legs still on the gas pedal side

The back of my seat was pushed into the steering wheel

I spent 51 days in the hospital – not knowing if I would ever walk again.

The mid to late ’70’s – I rode motorcycle for 6 1/2 years

I was on my way to Amherst N.Y.

I was at a red light – up the one block was another red light.

There was a young girl in a VW – just got her drivers permit.

She started out – I followed and had only gotten into second gear

when I realized she had stopped and no brake lights

Somehow she had stalled the car

and had not hit the brake – just sat there.

The only thing I could do was lay the bike down

and slid right up under the bumper

I had no serious injury but I decided that was enough near miss’s

After so many of watching out for other drivers – I sold the bike

and never rode again .

Five and one half years ago – I had a WIDOW MAKERS HEART ATTACK


they told me I should not be alive

but they also told me

I was the most healthy heart attack victim they had ever seen.

Less than 48 hours after open heart surgery

I was home standing in my living room

with FOUR by passes.


She changed my health 13 years ago – with out those changes –

I am convinced I never would of made it !

She still manages me day to day

and my tests this Summer show ZERO hardening of the arteries!


Thank you for reading Papa’s World




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