Papa’s World – A young woman – in college – playing soccer – Maddy

Good Morning
Two months ago
she left in the
middle of August
to attend the University Of Lynchburg

We had not seen or talked to her in that time –

She was at University – early – for the women’s soccer team.

She had been training all Summer –

running – she had to run two miles in under 12 minutes !

Team bonding
late Summer

The coach – Dr. Todd Olsen – is a motivator –

Team bonding – both mental and working together –

achieving a goal placed before them.

His teams have reached the NCAA Division Three playoffs


Winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 2014.

Losing in the Quarter finals last year

Being involved
building that trust
in one another

I have watched from afar

His program is the real deal


is what he says !

The Team
bonding on the field
Becoming one
Maddy second from top left

Today they are in second place in their conference

out of fourteen teams

having won the conference last year

with a 23 – 3 – 1 record

Today they are 9 – 3- 1 having played a power early schedule

Playing the number two team in the country

to a 1 to 1 tie.

Not bad for having graduated TEN SENIORS from that team.

University of Lynchburg Va.

Maddy as a freshman – does not start -very few do –

But she has played in 90 % of the games

They are stacked at Mid fielders –

So – he has moved her to defense

back line in front of the goalie !

protecting the goal

When she first started playing soccer

that is where they put her

because of her quickness and speed

Later – because of her ball skills and passing

they moved her to Midfielder.

Maddy defending

When you play this level in college

everyone is quick and fast !

With her time playing midfield
she brings to that back line
the ability to advance the ball
and draw in the defense
bringing the ball
up field
Drawing the defense
opens up the lane

I could see that she adjusted well –

She has the skill

She played a total of 25 minutes

He has 33 players on the team

With 11 being seniors !

Maddy is one of 10 Freshmen !

He subs in and out – keeping them fresh.

Maddy’s number 13
was passed down to her
from a senior from last year
who assists the team this year
” She wanted that number’s tradition passed down “

As a Freshmen – Maddy finished 5th. overall in the two mile

She finished first among the Freshmen.

Maddy bring the ball

She has handled the switch extremely well

She loves the team – the coaches and the school

A scavenger hunt designed for team building
Each team had a color theme
The coach does this team building
once a week
and twice a week in the off season
Every FOUR years
he takes the Team to
Puerto Rico
To do social work
Helping others in need !
Maddy – after the game
with her three little cousins
and Bode screamed the entire time
she was playing
Sarah 13 sister Debby (mother) Maddy & Ella 17 sister

We brought her home to sleep in her own bed

after two months being in a dorm room

but more important –

for her Mother’s birthday

and spend time with her sisters & family.

Mike ( father ) Sarah and Bode
Maddy and Sherry ( grandmother)

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

my email


She is excelling – she is happy – she is now a “HORNET ” !

For University of Lynchburg , Va.

Women’s Soccer team.

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